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tv   11 News Sunday Morning  NBC  December 9, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> you're watching wbal-tv 11, live, local, late breaking. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> good morning and welcome to 11 news sunday morning, i'm franciotti. lisa has the day off. >> i'm kerry cavanaugh. first, a look outside with ava. do we have hope today of pulling out a nice day? >> it's a little messy out
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there. the fog is starting to lift. that's good news. still a lot of fog around the bay heading east. baltimore city is clearing out thanks to the rain. that's been helping to push fog out but rain is still an issue right now. rain showers anywhere from north baltimore all the way east along 95. even where the radar doesn't look like rain, there is light drizzle reported so a dreary start to sunday. scattered showers possible throughout the day but especially through the morning hours. temperatures will hold instead, 48 to 52 for the temperature range today and still watch out for areas of fog to the east. details on the seven-day forecast when we return. >> it's our big story this morning, another tragic nfl death and this time it involved a car accident that police say involved alcohol. >> this morning, police have charged dallas cowboys defensive lineman josh brent with aftercation manslaughter he slipped his car in an
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accident that killed his teammate, jerry brown. >> a dallas cowboy in jail after an early-morning crash that killed his teammate. >> it appears as if he was traveling at a high rate of speed at which time the vehicle touched or impacted the outside curb of the service road causing the vehicle to flip at least one time. >> irving police say josh brent was driving when the mercedes flipped and landed on its top. the passenger was jerry brown jr., a linebacker on the cowboys practice squad. officers say the car was on fire when they arrived on scene. >> when our officers arrived on scene, mr. brent was removing or dragging mr. brown from the vehicle. >> investigators say brown was unresponsive and died at a hospital. they say speed and alcohol are factors in the crash. brent failed a field sobriety test. >> based on his performance of those tests along with our officers' observations and the conversations they had with him, he was placed under arrest for
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driving while intoxicated. once our officers learned that mr. brown had passed away, then mr. price brent was under arrest for intoxication manslaughter. >> according to court records in illinois, brent was arrested in 2009 for driving under the influence, speeding and driving with a suspended license. he finished probation in july 2011. a criminal investigati is ongoing to determine exactly where the two spent the evening before the crash. >> that was sarah story reporting. the dallas cowboys are set to play the bengals in cincinnati today and the game will go on as scheduled. >> we're getting a better idea of what happened the morning kansas city chiefs linebacker jovan belcher shot his girlfriend, then himself. missouri police released dashboard camera video from the police car showing the first traffic stop and final moments before belcher shot himself at the stadium. it was 3:00 a.m. december 1 when
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officers responded to a call describing a suspicious man sleeping in a car outside an apartment building and they found belcher behind the wheel. misreleaseed the video following reports bench may have been drinking and may have received special treatment to get off. >> officers say just before 3:00 p.m. at the afternoon they found a man shot in the 800 block of brooks lane near druid hill park. was taken to the hospital where he died. investigators are looking for a suspect and motive. police continue the investigation into the murder of a man found shot to death in west baltimore friday night. officers were called to the ruxton avenue. police are still working to find a suspect. >> to washington and the fiscal cliff budget talks. if they fail to produce a deal, more than two million people
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will lose unamendment benefits a few days after christmas. nadia ram dishas more on shopping habits. >> alexandria, what do you want for christmas? >> furby and barbie. >> furby, barbie, and electronics are a taste of some of the must-have items this holiday shopping season and this ellicott city target store was bustling saturday with shoppers determined to make holiday purchases within reason. >> they'll save us a lot of money. >> with the looming fiscal cliff, linda and mike martzen are changing holiday shopping habits this year, relying on coupons and shopping less in case the cliff goes over in the beginning of the year. they're not alone. >> buying more practical, stuff people want. >> trying to save more and buy less in case taxes do go up.
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>> experts say the fiscal cliff could play grinch to the u.s. economy during the holiday shopping season. in a recent survey, the national retail federation found about 2/3 of shoppers said the fiscal cliff and other economic concerns would affect their holiday spending. the fiscal cliff will result in tax increases and federal spending cuts. >> both parties are kind of, hey, i'm going to do my thing, you're going to do your thing, nobody seems to want to give in. they're going to have to because this country's in a dire situation. >> many shoppers agree, as tax paying citizens, one of the top things on their wish list for christmas is for the president and congress to compromise and to get a deal done. >> please start working together and remember the people who put you in office. >> nadia ramdass, wbal-tv 11 news. >> jews around the world celebrated the beginning of eight-day hanukkah festival saturday evening by lighting the
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candles of the ceremonial lamps. in chicago, hundreds gathered to watch the lighting of an eight-foot menorah. also known as the festival of lights. hanukkah commemorates the jewish uprising in the second century b.c. against the greek syrian kingdom. the holiday lasts eight days. according to tradition, when the jews rededicated the temple in jerusalem, a single vial of oil burned for eight days. and here in baltimore, some people celebrated the first night of hanukkah with a dance party in southeast baltimore. the creative alliance hosted a party with music, dancing and singing. music groups from baltimore and d.c. played traditional music. >> tonight is first night of hanukkah, the celebration that brings light into the darkness and we celebrate freedom and liberation movements and really having a really fun time. >> the traditional music is played at celebrations like weddings.
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>> i like the lighting. time now is 9:08, 50 degrees on tv hill. still ahead, we're in the 11 news kitchen for sunday brunch and we didn't have to go far to find today's special guest chef. >> we sit down with the author of this book to find out about gulf veterans. >> we'll talk about how rain could impact the game in d.c.
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>> now, your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with ava marie. >> the time is 9:11, there's a live look outdoors from skycam. notice all the rain drops showing up on the camera lens. currently 53 degrees downtown but only 50 degrees at b.w.i. marshall. the humidity at 93%, that's down from a 100% humidity earlier this morning so the fog is finally starting to lift but rain showers continue. you can see them on radar right now. all the green showing up from
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baltimore all the way along 95 into cecil county, more rain showers pushing through northern delaware into new jersey and behind us we have rain showers across northern virginia but if you've been following radar the past couple of hours it looks a little better out there. we're not seeing nearly as many shades of yellow, usually heavier showers, still heavy showers in york and southern pennsylvania. the rain is letting up but there are still showers and areas of drizzle. watch out for that on the roads early today. a wider view of what's happening right now, clouds across the area keeping temperatures instead. currently around 50 at the airport, 53 at college park but 48 in gaithersburg and mid 50's north into parkton and westminster. chilly temperatures holding instead throughout the day. the stationary boundary is in place across the state so this is the boundary between the cold the north and mild air to
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the south, we are sitting into the middle and with the unsettled weather, temperatures won't have the opportunity to move much today. the forecast, after starting in the upper 40's, we are staying that way all the way through the afternoon so the temperature range from 48 to 52 degrees. most of the fog is clearing except for the eastern shore but there are still scattered showers you have to worry about, most happening through the morning hours but there could be a shower around in time for the game down at fedexfield, something to keep in mind. if you're traveling there or planning to tailgate, have some sort of rain gear handy. it's also going to be relatively chilly, temperatures only in the upper 40's to low 50's. here's a look at future cast going into tomorrow, a cold front moving this way. of that, temperatures will warm around monday, then temperatures drop monday night into tuesday behind the front. as the front comes through, it may produce not only showers but thunderstorms, as well, odd this
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time of year but that's how warm it's going to be ahead of that front. 65 degrees for the high tomorrow. that's going to feel nice. we'll have clouds in the sky and thunderstorms possible by evening hours, then we drop significantly into the tuesday. maybe a shower in the morning, 49 at best for the high temperature. cooler into the rest of the week, in the low 50's. >> two area families joined forces to help victims of superstorm sandy celebrate the holidays. yesterday, they collected donations and stuffed a truck full of toys. we first introduced to you 5-year-old sadey and 6-year-old tyler on 11 news earlier this week. they both go to st. kazmir's and when they learned each was gathering toys for children who lost everything, they teamed up. hundreds of christmas trees in the homes of families of deployed maryland military members this morning thanks to the staff of the hubbard funeral home, working with the maryland national guard to identify families that might need
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assistance during the holiday season and yesterday they gave away close to 300 trees. >> it's been overwhelming at times. some of the people are really thank will -- thankful for getting the tree. i knew it was a good idea. i didn't realize how appreciative the families would be to receive a christmas tree. >> speaking of military families, adjusting to life off the battlefield can be difficult for gulf war veterans. up next, the struggles they face and how employers can benefit hiring an ex-vet. >> holiday lights are beautiful but can be dangerous. coming up, common mistakes most people make when decorating. >> first, a look at some of the events around town.
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>> the job market is especially tough these days but can be even more tough for one group, veterans. especially returning veterans. the author of this new book is
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here to discuss this topic. let's talk about our idea of veterans. it's really all walks of life we need to consider. >> exactly, it is all walks of life and i think we really get our image of veterans from television and also from the movies like "the hurt locker" so we think of veterans in only one way and that is that we think of them as coming back from war, possibly troubled, and that's not necessarily the image of veterans that i want to get across in the book. what i want to get across in the book is the fact that veterans the most educated, highest skilled military ever to enter the civilian work force and they are our nation's next work force and employers need to be aware of that and in the book we talk about turn key methodologies and ways companies can reach out to veterans and recruit and retain them and use the skills that
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they have to offer. it's a great talent pool. >> specifically what are the specialized skills and training vets can offer employers? >> vets bring many things to the table as far as employment is concerned. they work in teams. they're focused on the mission. they are trustworthy, they always arrive on time, they're very punctual so they really bring quite a few things to the table but one of the most important things i really wanted to talk about related to this was the vets military friendly 100 list which lists 100 companies that have competed to be on this list and it's a great resource for veterans in maryland because you can sort that list according to state and so there's 70 companies that do business that are on the list right here in maryland and so for veterans it's a great resource because it tells such things as not only just profiles
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of the company but also tells about spousal hires, deployment and employment benefits like will you be paid while you're deployed, health benefits for your family, and work life benefits, as well so some things like childcare, flexible schedules and part-time work. so it's a really wonderful list and you can compare the companies, as well. >> kathleen, thank you so much for being here. the book is "gulf war vets, the richest of resources" and you said it took you a year and a half that went into the research for this book. >> it did take me a year and a half. we don't always think of veterans as individuals from all walks of life so it's important for us to remember that they come from all walks of life and 10% of the sales of the book are going to the veterans artist program in baltimore and we don't usually think of veterans as artists and it's a great organization that supports veterans when they return from
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war to re-enter their careers of artists, as tritz, -- artists, rumissions and writers. >> stay with us, coming up next on 11 news, john, carey and the "sunday gardener." >> how do you build these beautiful flower displays. >> it's a secret but it's easy. >> coming up next on "sunday gardener."
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>> good morning and welcome to your "sunday gardener," i'm john collins along with carrie engel
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from valley view farms. christmas color here, it's the season. today we're going to take elements of little individual jobs, little plants. >> we'll make bigger baskets out it. and you can do that a couple of ways. you can make a basket and put all the elements together. i take a lot of these and i have so many pots that i'll put individual things and group plants together. >> so the elements we're going to play with on this particular project are -- >> maiden hair ferns, this gives a nice soft element, soft texture. peacally, a nice leaf, upright, gives grace to the project and the texture and the scent, this is lemon cypress but it has a lovely scent. >> and a do dad. >> that's right. >> and the thing that pulls it together is a pot. >> we've cheated, taking saucers
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and putting them upside down to raise the level. i like to start with the back so let's go with a couple a couplef tallers things towards the back and we will jam the rest in there. i'll put the maiden hair in the middle and poinsettia either send. >> because this is seasonal -- are all of these things considered house plants? >> they really are. they're all interior plants. they can go outside in the spring and summer but this time of year they're seasonal. christmas comes and goes and you're tired of looking at a throw ina, you can another plant. >> something else because we haven't filled this with soil, they're not really planted. >> that's right. >> at some point they'll need that. they can but that's a nice temporary display and switch it out with new plants all the time. >> we have a few other ideas for elements to put in one of these displays. >> this is frosty fern. this is plain green most of the
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year but this time of year it gets white education. >> education -- edges. >> this is gorgeous. >> this is cyclomen and orchids are always good, these are back here and paper whites. they'll be in bloom soon. >> is this one we did a couple of weeks ago. >> absolutely. it doesn't take time at all. >> here's another one of those. >> that's amaryllis. we planted some of those a couple of weeks ago and they take off. >> there's still time to do these? >> oh, yeah and a lot of times it's fun to give the gift before they bloom so the receiver can really take some of that and watch it grow. >> especially kids. >> exactly. >> this is cute. >> this is topiary reindeer, adorable. stagma moss that's stuffed and creeping ivy and creeping fig. >> we'vude on this one, a similar idea. >> but simplified, a little
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orchid and frosty fern together, nice and easy. >> what you can do is go look at a bunch of flowers, wander through a greenhouse or something and say i like this, i like this, i like this. >> that's how we all do our shopping. we get the cart and take the planter and start playing with it, see what works. >> this time of year you like red and greens and whites and i see purple over there, too. >> we'll check into that. >> carrie, thanks for joining us and giving us ideas to set up for christmas time. we will see you next question. >> if you have a garden question, sunday -- send it to sunday gardener at wbal-tv, 3800 hooper avenue, baltimore maryland 21211. time is 9:28, coming up, superintendent of baltimore county public schools dr. dallas dance is in our studio right now for the qa& -- q&a next.
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>> we've got safety tips for you for holiday decorations.
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>> you're watching wbal-tv 11, live, local, late breaking. this is 11 news sunday morning. >> welcome back to 11 news sunday morning. thanks for waking up with us today. >> we'll get another check outside with ava, still foggy out there. >> and messy with the rain, as well. unfortunately as it is the weekend, a lot of people are trying to get out and about around the city, picked up christmas trees, events around town and heading to fedexfield. most of the rain from hagerstown to northern baltimore county and towards cecil county, as for baltimore city itself down to d.c., the rain is spotty and light in nature but there's still drizzle showing up that the radar doesn't pick up because it's low to the ground. a closer view at the metro area radar, you can see a couple of areas of showers around baltimore city. 53 degrees downtown, 49 in pikesville, 50 at b.w.i. marshall and 50 in catonsville. most of the fog is starting to lift around baltimore but you'll
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run into that across the eastern shore, into ocean city. scattered showers a possibility throughout the day and temperatures holding instead in upper 40's to low 50's. mentioned how it could be showery for the game. details coming up. >> it's time for sunday morning q&a and joining us this morning is dr. dallas dance, superintendent of baltimore county public schools. thank you so much for coming on the air with us. >> thanks for the invite. >> this is your first year with baltimore county schools, first week on the job and something terrible goes wrong. i can't imagine in your wildest dreams you thought there would be a school shooting on first day of school. >> none of us expects that to happen. i was fortunate that within three weeks of my entering the job i had an opportunity to sit down with chief johnson and we talked about what would be our protocols and practices if something were to happen on any of the campuses and it was fortunate enough that what we
9:33 am
talked about in july is what we implemented on the first day. >> have you been able to speak with the victim about his recovery and how things are going? >> i did have an opportunity to speak to the family after the incident and very pleased that daniel's recovering and he's getting back to normal and he is back at school now. >> let's talk about safety precautions implemented -- mental detectors, hand-held metal detectors in schools. >> that's something chief johnson is doing with s.r.o.'s. we expanded our safety and security office. dale ronzant took over that role for me but what we tried to do was change the conversation from being reactive to proactive so how do we have campuses that have cultures where students feel connected to adults and if there are situations, they can report them to us. >> social media played a big role in what went on that day, what was happening with the student involved in the shooting and how the message was spread. is there any way you're looking
9:34 am
into being more active on facebook and twitter and finding out what's going on? >> social media can be our and enemy. we have expanded our use of facebook and twitter as a school system. even i have a twitter account but one thing we wanted to make sure our public understood was that when we communicate, we will communicate timely but accurate, as well. going back to systems on campuses where kids with report incidents. we have kids who check friends' facebook status or twitter feed and will report that to a school counselor or administrator if something bothers them. >> you've seen an increase in reporting incidents? >> we have. we've seen students being more proactive in getting involved and preventing incidents on campus and parents and students getting involved because of our campaign. >> you held a town hall meeting recently with students. what did you do? >> we said we would do at least student town hall meetings over
9:35 am
the course of the school year so last week about 60 students from the eastern part of our county, high school students, had an opportunity to grill the superintendent and we got everything from school lunches to infrastructure to academic programs they want us to focus on as an administration so again i tell people, we make these on behalf of kids but how many times do we get their voice so we're reaching out to them. >> were you surprised by their questions? >> i wasn't surprised by the questions. i was excited to see how engaged they were. >> one of the things you're going to be doing is offering online classes. >> we are expanding because we currently have an e learning center where we can provide opportunities for students who can't make it to school. we are a finalist for a district race for the top application, keeping our fingers crossed hoping to get grant money to expand virtual learning options for students in baltimore county. >> with the year coming to a close and the new session starting, what are some of the things you'll go to annapolis to ask for? >> our infrastructure needs.
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we are pleased and excited about what our colleagues have proposed but we want to make sure folks understand the infrastructure needs in baltimore county, as well. >> first holiday season in baltimore. >> it is, good to be here. >> thank you so much, appreciate it. nice to meet you. >> thanks for having me. >> please don't go away. we'll be right back with more news but first david gregory with what's coming up on "meet the press." >> coming up, just 22 days until the fiscal cliff deadline. most of the work of course going on behind closed doors between speaker boehner and president obama but this morning i'll go inside the negotiations with two lawmakers closest to them. top white house ally in the senate, dick durbin of illinois and congressman kevin mccarthy of california. i spent time on capitol hill this week. the one question i want to know this morning, what has changed since the debt debacle of last summer? the sense is we may be closer to a deal that posturing leads you to believe. we'll talk about that with our
9:37 am
political roundtable, as well, with newt gingrich and msnbc's lawrence o'donnell and the 2016 speculation has begun. that's coming up.
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>> now, your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with ava marie. >> good morning. the time is 9:39, it is 53 degrees downtown. that's a live look from skycam right now, a couple of rain drops still on the camera lens. 50 degrees at b.w.i. marshall where the humidity has dropped to 93%, down from a 100% humidity earlier this morning. winds northeast 15 miles per hour. those winds and the lower humidity have helped to clear out some of the fog but rain is still an issue out on the local roads. you can see it on the radar
9:40 am
picture with a couple of light showers out there across northern baltimore county stretching towards cecil county, as well, so 95 is still wet and we have more showers heading through carroll county back towards frederick so these are areas still with downpours to watch for. it doesn't look like much is falling, just along 95 from baltimore down to d.c. but i think there's still drizzle showing up there that the radar can't actually pick up on so just keep in mind there's still wet conditions out there as you head out this morning. fog, not so much of an issue anymore. there's going to be patchy areas of fog as we show you the local fog advisories right now. basically fog advisories have ended across the baltimore city area, fog is still an issue. the lower eastern shore, that's where we have those left until 10:00 a.m. this morning. everyone else, it's more patchy which is why the advisory has ended. currently we have 48 degrees now at the airport, temperatures are ping ponging back and forth.
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45 in westminster and 45 in parkton. with the rain and clouds, we will have a hard time warming up today. there's a stationary front sitting over us keeping us in between cold and warm air, sitting near the temperatures for today and we'll have to keep rain in the forecast throughout the entire day, as well. putting future cast in motion, this isn't an exact depiction of what's going to happen but a general idea. notice that the rain showers basically stay along the boundary from baltimore to d.c. even through the later half of the morning, then clearing and again in the afternoon more showers are possible around that boundary. you basically have to call for on-and-off rain at any point today even if it lightens at times. the forecast, temperatures holding instead, upper 40's to low 50's. areas of fog look patchy at this point but scattered showers the biggest issue especially heading down to fedexfield, 1:00 p.m.
9:42 am
kickoff, versus the redskins. we have a shower possible so bring the rain gear and something warm, as well. temperatures chilly later today. that takes us into our seven-day forecast. a cold front is on the way but we're going to warm up ahead of that, 65 for the afternoon temperature tomorrow. showers and thunderstorms then may roll through along the cold front, a drop in temperatures, tuesday morning, shower left over, highs in the upper 40's again and cool and dry through the rest of the week. >> it's time to deck the halls, a family tradition that can end in disaster if you're not careful. the consumer products safety commission says each holiday season thousands of people are injured, dozens die and millions in property are lost result of fires, falls and other incidents associated with holiday decorating. brent from the electrical foundation is here.
9:43 am
a lot of doom and gloom about a happy thing but you have to be save. l.e.d. lights make that easier than it used to be. >> we want people to think through things before they throw it on their tree. it's important that you inspect everything, no bare wires and plugs still work but there's new technology out and that's what i wanted to talk about today. l.e.d. lights, a little more expensive but you can string than three strands together and be more creative but you can look at battery operated lights to keep them safer. the idea is, if you're plugging things in, make sure it's safe. >> do they run as hot? >> they don't run as hot, they're more durable so should last you a longer period of time but again it all comes back to making sure you're inspecting things to make sure they're safe. >> it looks like the -- >> many of these are indoor and
9:44 am
outdoor rated. some of the lights are not meant to be outdoors. same with extension cords. make sure they're rated to go outdoor, able to take the load you're looking for. ask people in the stores you go to to give you advice on what you should buy for your application. >> and as far as leaving your lights on. every year we do stories about christmas tree fires. is your best tip to protect yourself from your tree going up in flames? >> the big thing is to make sure you're putting fire retardant things on your tree and looking for -- if you have a live tree, water it every day, look at that time because it's amazing how quickly they can go up in flames. make sure they're away from space heaters, fireplaces, candles but you have to think about little kids and pets. all those things can get knocked over and create a problem before you realize it and fire spreads very quickly. we have smoke detector with batteries to remind us to make sure they're working but also timers, sounds like a simple way
9:45 am
to make sure you turn off lights. >> a lot of technology is set it and forget it so you can set it to where it's built into the house like an automatic motion sensor or timer that you plug into the outlet itself. that will keep things on and off so you don't have to think about them until you take them down. >> and so as far as if you're decorating outside, what do you think the most important thing is that people may overlook when they're stringing cords together. >> string them safely, make sure they're outdoor rated and turn off before you go to bed and before you leave the house to keep you and your family safe because if you have time to react, you're up and awake but if you're asleep, you don't have that time. >> thanks for being here. and don't go away. up next, in the kitchen for holiday brunch with a special guest.
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>> welcome back. it's time for our special holiday edition of sunday brunch
9:49 am
and joining us this morning, our own kim dacey. morning. >> and i brought along my dad, our official taste tester. >> we might put him to work. >> we'll see. >> you made a very -- you say it's easy. >> it's totally easy, i did this a few years ago but brought it back because it's such an easy thing to make and quick if you need a quick holiday recipe or for your kids' school. >> we have a demand for this. famous peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. >> no one ever complains. >> start with yellow cake mix. really easy, you just dump it all in. >> the whole thing? >> the whole thing. all right, you got two tablespoons of water, i've measured this out. two eggs. one, two eggs. cup of cooking oil. i use vegetable oil but i'm sure you can use something else. >> you can be on speed cooking. >> when it's all right here,
9:50 am
it's gathering the ingredients. what i do is usually mix it up at this point before i put the peanut butter in because the peanut butter is sticky and makes it harder to stir so i stir up the batter now. >> dad, did she cook a lot when she was a kid? >> oh, yes. >> always in the kitchen? >> always. >> we make christmas cookies every year and cut them out and decorated them. mom made the batter from scratch. put it in the fridge. that was a little too complicated to make in a four-minute segment. >> you don't have that much time. >> then a cup of peanut butter and this is where it gets messy. i'll get peanut butter all over my fingers. >> that's what you're supposed to do when you're cooking. >> and sample a little bit, of course. you got it get it off your fingers. how else are you going to do that? >> no beaters, just the bowl and the spatula. >> just the bowl and spatula.
9:51 am
and sometimes i put in a couple of extra scoops of peanut butter because it makes it more peanut buttery and i love it. it's very healthy. are these your favorite cookies she makes. >> yes, absolutely. >> all right. >> i make cookies. >> dad, you get kudos for coming in because the husband was sleeping in this morning. >> he was too shy to be on camera. he said i'm too nervous. >> i understand that. not everyone's ready for live tv. >> it's funny because that's what i do for a living. >> he knows he's not getting the cookies back, right? >> these are staying at the station and you can chow down on them after the show. >> the original recipe didn't call for chocolate chips but you've added. >> you can make them without or with chocolate chips. >> can i pour them in? >> sure. >> the whole thing? >> go to town. >> all right, girl. how long are you going to cook
9:52 am
them? cook them, well, it depend. if you do regular cookies which you drop in circles on the cookie sheet, cook them at 350 for 10 to 12 minutes. i usually do like a pan cookie because it's faster and easier and i'm looking for a shortcut and you put it all on the pan just like you're going to do a cookie cake or something like that and then really the only difference is, they're in squares so you can see my cookies are cut in squares instead of circles. >> we want to let people know if you'd like a copy of kim's recipe, log on to, click on food, or send us a self-addressed stamped envelope to sunday brunch, wbal-tv, 3800 hooper avenue, baltimore maryland 21211. >> if you do a pan cookie, it's 20 to 25 minutes and keep an eye on it. taste and see, is it good? >> mm-hmm. >> stay with us.
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>> the key f
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>> now, 11 sports. >> good morning, i'm greg toland. the availability of ravens linebacker terrell suggs for today's matchup against the redskins is a game-time decision. suggs is dealing with a torn triceps injury. the ravens' defense could use t-sizzle today because the redskins possess one of the most dynamic players in the league in rookie quarterback robert griffin iii. rg-3 has totally transformed the redskins' offense from anemic over recent years to explosive this season. his ability to run and throw equally well gives opposing defenses fits and his leadership skills are remarkable.
9:56 am
stopping griffin is the key to stopping the redskins. >> you got a goal. you got to use sense in that i got to have good leverage on this, good pass discipline. i got to do things disciplined-wise but if you don't do that, you might as well not pressure, you might as well not even pass rush because you'll sit on the line all day and he's got all day to throw. >> the army-navy game in philadelphia, joe biden on hand for the game. second quarter, army's trent steelman keeps it on the option and scores. that ties it at 7-7. army led 13-10 but here when the missed, keenan reynolds breaks free and scores giving navy a 17-13 lead. army on the navy 14-yard line trying for the winning score but the handoff is botched. navy recovers and the mids come away with a 17-13 victory to capture the commander-in-chief trophy. i'm greg toland. have a great sunday. >> a check of the seven-day
9:57 am
forecast, temperatures hovering around 50 throughout the entire day. rain is in the forecast even for the big game at fedexfield so people need to wear rain gear. maybe thunderstorms monday evening but warm, mid 60's and cooling into the 40's and thankfully now i can try it. >> that's the finished product there. good job. >> thank you. these are all for the station. >> the crew will be descending soon. you said you prefer to do it like this because it's easier, you can cut them up. >> it's easier, stick it in the oven, 20 to 25 minutes on 350 and you just cut them up when they're done and it's one batch, you don't have to keep putting the cookies in and out. >> for the holiday party. thank you so much for joining us, kim's daddy. go ravens, nbc "meet the press" is next.
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